Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to Doxie Daze!!

Hello everyone!! This is Mollie Wiggles, the youngest member of the Doxie Daze crew. My big sister, Apple Cinnamon, is the one in charge, but she agreed to let me type out our very first blog.
For those of you who are new to our blog, let me introduce ourselves:

I'm Mollie, a black & tan, female, smooth, tweenie, dachshund mix. In 2008, I was found roaming the small town of Fowler, CA with a female pit bull. Supposedly I was in heat and when the nice people from Fowler PAWS found me wandering the busy streets with my buddy, they immediately picked us up, and took us in. They cleaned me up, gave me a place to eat, sleep, & drink (water, of course) and then tried looking for my original owners. After a few weeks when no one came to claim me, they decided to take my picture and post it on Lo and behold, my soon-to-be Momma took one look at my face and said it was "love at first sight". A few days later, with my soon-to-be big sister Apple in tow, they met up with me & my foster Momma at a park off of the freeway. Needless to say, I went home with her & Apple and the rest as they say, is history :)

My big sister, Apple, is a red, female, smooth, standard, purebred dachshund. I love her SO much, because we always have lots of fun together. In 2005, my Momma & Poppa had decided after being married for a few years that they wanted to have a dog. After deciding to become responsible future pet owners, they did lots, and LOTS of research on different breeds, until they decided that the dachshund would be a good match for their personalities & lifestyle. Momma made some contacts with a few local American Kennel Club dachshund owners, where eventually she got in touch with Miss Sheila, who owns Storybook Dachshunds in Northern California. After a few phone and email conversations, they both decided that Apple would be a perfect fit in their family. So in the summer of 2006, Apple came home to live with my Momma & Poppa when she was only 11 months old. During this time, Momma & Poppa were in the process of having an in-ground spa built in their backyard. Because one side of the fence was taken down to make room for the Bobcat machinery to dig the hole (they should've just asked Apple to do it, duh!?), they couldn't leave Apple home alone in the backyard. So, Grammy & Grampy agreed to "doggie-sit" Apple until the fence went back up. Four weeks later, the fence was finally put back up; but by then, Grammy & Grampy had grown to love having Apple over, that they asked if they could watch Apple while Momma & Poppa were at work! So, every morning before Momma went to work at 8am, she would drive Apple over to G'ma & G'pa's house, drop her off, and then around 2pm, Poppa would pick Apple up on his way home from work. For about a year and a half, Apple had bonded with G'ma & G'pa and looked forward to her daily trips to "doggie daycare". That is until my Momma decided to go back to school to work on her masters degree. So since she wasn't working anymore, Apple got to stay home with Momma.

Now that we're older (and a little bit wiser), my Momma & Poppa decided a doggie door would be a good idea to make us more "independent". So now, the both of us get to stay home during the day, and we can go outside to sunbathe, potty, or just bark at the neighbors whenever we want to! After a while, our lives seemed pretty we begged our Momma to start a blog. After much consideration, my Momma thought it would be a good idea for us to join the blogosphere and make some new friends.

Thank you for joining us on our new adventure in cyberspace! We look forward to sharing more stories from our lives in hopes that they will bring a smile to your face & possibly make you want to have a dachshund of your own, too :)

Until next time...
Barks & licks, ~Apple & Mollie

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